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For plenty of users

The standing and balancing exerciser is suitable for patients with risk of falling as well as for wheelchair  users and patients in vege tative state. 

Important therapy goals

> strengthen pelvis and trunk stability
> improvement of balance
> mobility / regulation of tonus
> activation of metabolism and cardio vascular system
> improvement of breathing
> psychological stabilization

Two exercisers in one

The balance unit of the THERA-Trainer balo is adjusta-ble in multiple steps (0, 6 and 11 degrees movement). Thus the therapy device transforms from a static stan-ding frame (0 degrees) into a dynamic balance trainer (6 and 11 degrees).

Motivating software
The  software  THERA-soft  SB  offers  evidence-based interventions  which  are  diversified  and  motivating. The intuitive handling as well as the recording and do-cumention of all training data complete the software.